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Madonna Wire: LJ's Official Madonna Download
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Welcome to Madonna Wire. This is a community for fans of the world's most successful woman, Madonna, to gather and share files. These files may include things such as audio or video, photos or fonts, or any other items they would like to display for the world to download. We have a few rules and guidelines, but if you follow them, you can enjoy the amount of multimedia enough to satisfy any Madge fan.


♥Respect other members with common courtesy
♥Remain active, or face deletion
♥You must join to obtain the community's wealth
♥Invite other fans.

+Put all material under LJ-cuts to make our page tidy.
+Every entry must be "Friend's Only" or it'll be deleted. :(


What Not To Share
-Released songs
-Released remixes
-Songs by other artists

What To Share
+B-sides/unreleased tracks
+Unofficial or fan-made remixes
+Live footage/audio
+Music Videos/interviews/television rips
+Anything not illegal


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::community banners (the ones below) were done magnificently by _mad0nna_::

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