Andrizzy the Madge-ical (famousxsomeday) wrote in madonna_wire,
Andrizzy the Madge-ical

Words By Moi

Hello, members of Madonna Wire. 
Thanks to many of you, the community is growing at a pretty fast rate!
I just have some things/recommendations below the cut, so please, take a look.

-->Because of the growth, I must modify the posts coming in (for now). That way, nonsense will not get posted. This hasn't happened yet, but it just might. ^_^

-->Thanks to Alyssa's (_mad0nna_) recommendation, this community will become members/friends only. We don't want freeloaders browsing our goodies, without joining first. Makes sense, right?

-->Every shared mp3/picture must be LJ-cuted. This is because many files on one page isn't quite attractive, and Madonna Wire must be kept tidy by its lovely members.

-->Promote us. Create icons. Banners. Layouts. Anything to make us known. The more, the merrier!

More kind words, later;
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Sounds like this community is well on its way!
If you want, I can make a layout sometime this week for you to use in the future ;)
Let me know :D
Alyssa xx
Oooh, thanks so much! A layout would be awesome (you see my sucky attempt); I was also wondering if you'd be kind enough to make banners to use on the profile page; you can see my calamity, I was hoping you might make us some more "professional" looking ones. ^^
Oooh, professional looking banners??
Surely I can do that :D
I'll get that all done as soon as I can ;)
xx Alyssa